Amphion Youth Choir

A Dynamic Vocal Event


A Little Goes a Long Way…

How can small donations add up? Here’s how.

  • $20 would sponsor one AYC member’s music purchase.
  • $50 covers all facility expenses for one AYC rehearsal.
  • $100 can sponsor a guest musician or conductor.

Want to go bigger?

  • $300 would support the commission of a new contemporary acappella piece of our choosing. This would be a world premiere when we perform it.
  • $400 can provide complete printing of all concert programs for one performance.
  • $500 would get us registered for the next World Choir Games.

Supporting AYC is easy.

Amphion Youth Choir is a sponsored project of the Austin Creative Alliance, a non-profit performing arts service organization. Contributions made on behalf of AYC may be made payable to Austin Creative Alliance, and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

It’s easy to give online through the Austin Creative Alliance website.