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Auditions for AYC 2018 will begin in the Spring — possibly at a location near you. Please contact us if you have questions about where and when to audition.


What kind of music does AYC do?

Click here to view our past programs, and to see selected videos from our past concerts.

Ok. I’m interested. So when and where are the rehearsals?

AYC meets and performs at Northwest Hills United Methodist Church. Rehearsals are typically twice a week during the summer.

What would the audition be like?

Auditions for AYC will be in three sections. All will be weighted evenly.


Vocalizations will be used to evaluate Range, Flexibility, and Overall Tone.


There will be an 8 measure sight reading exercise. The format is identical to the TMEA audition process. You will be given the tonic triad, and 30 seconds to study the example prior to singing. Any method of reading (solfege or otherwise) is accepted. The example itself is on level with the AP Music Theory test (triadic leaps, altered pitches in the melody).

Free Sing

The free sing must be at least one verse & refrain of any folk song (your choice).

  • Your folk song may originate from anywhere, but the language must be in English.
  • Your performance selection must be memorized.
  • Your performance must be acappella (no accompaniment).

Additional references

References are required, and Amphion Youth Choir may choose to contact them. Please notify your references prior to including them on your info sheet.

Does it cost anything to be in AYC?

You will be asked to buy and keep your own music ($30 – $40). There is also $25 fee for logistical expenses.